Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing & Services Consulting is a convenient, on-demand model to guide you for network access. Generally it works from selecting and transforming application to establishing your own private cloud environment to achieve your business goal

Cloud Computing Services Features and Benefits

By now most people have heard about cloud computing services, but what does cloud mean? While cloud services may vary in their particulars, a cloud computing definition identifies the core features and benefits that are common across all clouds.

From the perspective of service users, cloud computing services have these main features:

  • Hosted and maintained by the provider. The cloud hosting provider purchases, hosts, and maintains the necessary hardware and software in their own facility. Service users avoid the capital expenditures and maintenance headaches that they would have if they developed the service themselves on-premise.
  • Self-service through a web interface. Service users can initiate specific service functions, and increase or decrease their service usage level, though a web interface with little or no interaction with the service provider.
  • Pay for use. Service users pay only for the amount of service that they use. This can result in substantial cost savings compared to the traditional approach of developing on-site IT capacities geared toward maximum usage scenarios, and then having that capacity be under-utilized much of the time.
  • Near-limitless scalability. Cloud computing services providers typically have the infrastructure to deliver their service at massive scale. For cloud service users, that means that the cloud can easily accommodate business growth or periodic spikes in service usage.
How our Cloud Computing Services Help you Build Cloud Applications with Cloud Providers Selected for your Unique Requirements

Cuelogic’s expert engineers help you select an IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS model according to your unique requirements. We also help you select the cloud platform that is most aligned with your business needs. Whether you go for Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or a different cloud services vendor, our expert engineers help you build cloud based applications in accordance with economies of scale. With this and our consultants’ guidance, our end-to-end cloud computing services enable you to automate infrastructure, ensure cost savings, and scale as needed in a digital-first world.

Cloud Computing Service Consulting
  • Assess current infrastructure, investments, and define goals
  • Conduct workshops to gain a thorough understanding of the “as-is” state and build a roadmap to reach the desired stage
  • Complete exploratory evaluations such as Cloud Value Assessment and TCO Assessment
  • Plan for capacity building, scaling, multi-vendor management, and build the detailed solution architecture
IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
  • Provision and manage cloud computing infrastructure on demand over the internet, thus avoiding CAPEX and the hassle of managing your own infrastructure
  • Scale as you grow with a subscription-based, pay-as-you-go business model
  • Retain complete control of the virtualized infrastructure through secure APIs
  • Manage data center access, authenticate users, secure VMs, monitor security logs, and secure networks
PaaS (Platform as a Service)
  • Get a framework or platform, delivered over the internet, upon which developers can build applications and create software
  • Avoid the hassle associated with periodic software updates and backups
  • Build, test, debug, deploy, host, and update software in the same development environment without worrying about infrastructure provisioning and management
  • Ensure that your tech stack is portable and works seamlessly with other platforms in case of changing vendor priorities
  • Manage resources, such as memory and CPU, only on the local machine
SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Allow the cloud vendor to manage everything from infrastructure to applications
  • Be up and running at a fraction of the cost and time taken with other cloud computing models
  • Build your SaaS application with the cost-effectiveness and scalability of multitenancy
  • Segregate data by user role in order to be compliant with security standards and regulations
  • Integrate SaaS apps with third-party solutions and external data sources with APIs
Discover how our Cloud Computing Services Have Achieved Phenomenal Results For our Clients

Our customers are consistently satisfied with our commitment to technical excellence, product thinking approach, and the tangible business benefits they have achieved as a result of partnering with us. Our cloud computing services have helped customers to automate IT infrastructure, increase computing power, and increase flexibility with a pay as you go payment plan.